Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trailer for FRIGHT NIGHT remake.

Hey ghoulies,

     Finally, after nothing but just a few production stills we got our first good luck at this summer's remake of the classic film Fright Night via a trailer over the weekend.  I, like every other horror fan, was really unhappy with the news that the 1985 horror spoof was becoming yet another victim of the "re-imagining".  Pissed off was more like it, actually.  The original film was one of my all-time favorite monster movies as a kid.  Fright Night is still scary, funny, relevent, and- even after more than 25 years- still pretty hot .  Alas, all I could do was the usual "nothing-is-sacred" hanging of head in disappointment.  

     After watching the trailer, I have to say that I'm not digging this at all.  Granted, there is an obvious bias on my part, but still, the new direction Craig Gillespie is taking with the story (of a teen who's convinced his next door neighbor is a vampire) is looking largely uninspired.  One talk-backer already commented on it being "Distubia with vampires".  In addition, the character of Jerry Dandrige (this time played by Colin Farrell) bears more resemblance to True Blood's Vampire Bill than the one Chris Sarandon brought to life in the '85 version.  What's really sad- yes, sadder than the fact that McLovin is playing Evil Ed- is that due to the PG-13 rating this new Fright Night probably won't be nearly as genuinely sexy as the original.  The only hope I do have for the flick is David Tennant (of Doctor Who fame) in the role of Peter Vincent, who, in the remake, is a Las Vegas illusionist, a la Criss Angel.
     My other hope is that out of this comes a special edition DVD and Blu-Ray of the 1985 movie.  Until then, have a look at the trailer for Fright Night (2011), due in theaters this August.

~ Doctor Splatter

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