Thursday, August 26, 2010

IIIIIII Love... Living in the City!

Greetings Ghoulies,
     This is my first transmission from the City of Angels. Today marks two weeks since my arrival in Los Angeles. Most of that time has been spent getting furniture, groceries, looking for a job, and building ALL the furniture that was purchased. It's been an exhausting fourteen days, but it has never been boring.  One thing for certain, being back in the place where I was spawned has given me a new-found sense of confidence in pursuing what I really want to do, and that is to be involved in the horror film genre in some capacity. Whether it's making them, getting them made, or just writing about them, to simply ignore my calling out of others' sense of practicality is criminal to my soul. That is why, coupled with the fact that I have another blog on Tumblr for my other nerdy shit, I have a stronger resolve to write more about horror cinema here, which is what I wanted to do in the first place.

     So, let's get busy. There has been a lot that has gone on in the genre, and I don't have a hell of a lot of time tonight, so here come the bullet points of some the happenings that have taken place in my absence, followed by the obligatory, smart-ass thoughts only an internet troll like me could dish out.

  •  No, I have not seen any new movies since the summer began (Honestly, the last horror flick I went to see in theaters was Drag Me to Hell). In fact, I'm not sure if there was anything high-profile that was released during the summer. Going out to watch a film is ridiculously expensive nowadays, and the idea of plopping down $20- $30 for just ONE trip to see ONE flick is not the kind of absurdity I find value in at all. I have become frugal, and therefore fickle, about my choices. Given the ho-hum response to Predators this past July, I think I was wise in saving my cash. There are two films making the rounds as we speak: Alexander Aja's remake of Piranha (in 3-D) and the Eli Roth-produced The Last Exorcism. I wasn't gung-ho on seeing the former, due to my constant fist-shaking at remakes (I seem to be one of the few who didn't like his version of The Hills Have Eyes.), and the eyes immediately rolled at the sight of the latter's PG-13 rating. Lo and behold, though, both films have been getting positive responses from critics and fans. Two horror movies that everyone seem to like out at the same time?! Gasp! That seems to be the case. Who knew? Right now, I'm very enthusiastic about seeing both movies, and I hope to find the means to watch them right away.
  • Speaking of remakes, there is now a trailer for Matt Reeves' Let Me In, the Americanized version of the awesomely original Let the Right One In. Judging from the trailer it pretty much looks EXACTLY like the Swedish version, only with English dialogue. Is it just me, or does that seem like a big waste of money to you? I'm not an expert, but I'm sure Gus Van Sant would be a more likely person to ask.
  • Grindhouse, the theatrical version, with all the faux trailers, is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on October 5th. It's about goddamn time!
  • The remake of one of my all-time favorite monster movies, Fright Night is going to happen. So is, believe it or not, I Spit On Your Grave! There's no trailer for Fright Night yet, but I Spit... has one. I don't see the new "Day of the Woman" being high-profile enough to warrant the same kind of negative attention that was paid in full to the original. This year's crown of controversy goes to Kick-Ass's Hit Girl. As far as Fright Night is concerned, I won't have anything to say about it until I see a trailer, even with my man-crush, David "Doctor Who" Tennant, playing the role of Peter Vincent.
  • After an eleven year absence, the Ghostface Killer is back, terrorizing teens (while quizzing them on horror trivia) in Scream 4! The old gang is back: Wes Craven directing, Kevin Williamson writing, with Neve and the Arquettes returning to the cast. I have to tell you folks, I'm not a Scream hater, and I never was. It is wholly unfair to blame the state of the genre on one film. Older people (Siskel and Ebert, especially) were bitching and moaning about slashers in the 1980's, and publicly faulting Halloween for it. Scream was a kick-ass scare flick, and it still packs a punch fifteen years later. I just hope the fourth entry will only add to that legacy when it opens April 15th, 2011. Until then, Craven has another film, entitled My Soul to Take, coming out October 8th. I just hope it's not Cursed.
  • It looks like a remake of Hellraiser isn't on the table. Instead, it's ANOTHER sequel: Hellraiser: Revelations. This will be the ninth movie, but this time, however, Doug Bradley won't be reprising his most famous role, Pinhead. Thanks, but no thanks. No Bradley, no go. It's not like any of the sequels after Hell on Earth were any good anyways. Other unnecessary sequels being churned out: Underworld 4, Final Destination 5, The Lost Boys 3, and Saw VII.
  • I cannot wait for AMC's series, The Walking Dead (based on the Image comic book by Robert Kirkman). 'Nuff said.
  • One remake I am excited for (We're still talking about those?) is Adam Gierasch's redux of the 1987 oddity, Night of the Demons. I have been keeping tabs on this one, thanks in large part to Ryan Turek and I really enjoyed the original's gratuity, so I obviously expect that in the update, especially when the director proclaims his love for the original. The film premieres at Grauman's Mann Chinese theater in Hollywood on October 9th and comes to DVD October 19th. There is also a "Hootenanny" to celebrate the release of the film October 2nd at the Dragonfly (featuring LA Death Rock legends 45 Grave!). I would've liked to attend both events, but I have a wedding and a Zombie Ball to attend on the 2nd, while the New Beverly Cinema is hosting an all-night horror marathon on the 9th. Skinny white boy's burden, I guess.
     Well, that is all this Medical Deviant has to diagnose tonight. I'm sure none of this was news to anyone, but give me a break, I'm catching up. Now that I'm settled in my new digs, it is time to let the debauchery and depravity flourish anew.

~ Doctor Splatter