Monday, March 15, 2010

     So yeah... I'm back, and it sure has been a hell of a long time, I know.  I don't want to bore anyone with the world's-smallest-violin-playing details, but for the past six months, I have been consumed by "real life stuff".  However, despite the uncertainty of what still lies ahead of me, I'm happy and healthy at least, and ready to get back to doing something I love on a more regular basis.  What I have to work on is keeping in mind how much happier I am when I'm writing, and that it's here for me when I need it.
     I'm still on the hunt for a steady paycheck, though.  Finding a job in this teeny, tiny conservative wet dream is not exactly easy.  I did manage to get a job at K-Mart- yes, they still exist- this Christmas season, but as soon as JC's B-Day was over, they let me go.  I may be back to square one, but now it's not about just me getting out of here.  After being in a long-distance relationship for more than two years, I decided it was time to go the next step and build a life with my lovely lady, and fellow horror fanatic, Jennica.  She'll be transferring to either USC or San Diego State this Autumn, so time and money are of the essence, to say the least!
     You might have noticed the blog has a new name.  That's not the only change.  Now, I have always liked comedy, but I never had any aspirations to be a comedic writer or stand-up performer.  After George Carlin passed away 2 years ago, though, it seems, to me anyways, there has been a void not only in the comedy world, but also in mine.
     Discovering Carlin the stand-up comedian was like discovering your favourite rock band for the first time.  Actually, let me correct that: Seeing George Carlin on HBO for the first time is like getting to hear a record by a band that you were forbidden to listen to.  You've heard all the reasons from parents and teachers why you're not supposed to listen to "that 'music'", but all it does is strengthen your resolve, your desire, to hear it.  Then, at long last, when you get a hold of that record and put it on, it completely enthralls you!  It makes you feel alive in a way you've never felt before, because you understand why all of authority condemns them, but also why they will never get it.  The songs, hell the band, then become your personal battle cry! That was my experience when I witnessed my first George Carlin HBO Special.  No other comic has come close to giving me that same illicit thrill, and that's why he's always been my favourite.
     That is why I have decided to throw some occasional comedy into this blog by adding my own ranting, but hopefully funny, insights, remarks, and diatribes about whatever is going on.  I absolutely hate the present state of comedy (More on that later.) and when Carlin died, I was heartbroken.  Who else is going to be the one who brazenly and brilliantly makes us laugh in a culture dominated by brainless, overgrown boys?  After a while I realized that if I want that same thrill again from the power of laughter, I would have to do it myself.  Provide myself with my own humour and satire, and share it with those in need of a good chuckle.  I'm not setting my sights on being the next Carlin, mind you.  That would obvious and pretentious of me.  The point of this is that if there's something that bothers me that much, there are better ways for me to express that than lashing out, which is something I'm notorious for doing in the past.  And anger management is boring!  Poking jabs at something is more fun.  To quote Johnny Rotten, "You can't affect change unless you attack the very thing that's holding you down."  Wait, rock analogies?  Do it yourself?  Quoting Johnny Rotten?  Punk comedy, maybe?

     Anyways, the Lab is officially up and running.  Let's see what kind of horrors I can create!

~Doctor Splatter

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